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Halloween at the Library

October is over, which means we have to take down our Halloween decorations *sniff*. This is my favorite holiday and I love to decorate the children’s room and teen area at the library. Of course, we missed the actual day of Halloween, since there was no power at the library yesterday. We had 70 kids signed up for Trick-or-Treating at the library. My trunk is filled with bags of candy! I am trying to forget it’s there. In our town, there has been no power since Sunday and I am on my second day of “vacation.” Trick-or-Treating in my town has been postponed until Thursday, and in the town I work in, it is now on Friday. Luckily, I have power here in my town. But we did get a foot and a half of snow and lost power on Sunday. At any rate, at least the kids get to have their candy! (And me, too.)

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Rory Raven: Mentalist and Mindbender!

We had an AMAZING program at the library a couple of weeks ago:

Rory Raven, from Providence, RI, puts on an incredible performance!

I received a flyer of his in the mail and sent him an email. He was great to work with (especially since I had to reschedule since only 4 people signed up the first time) and everyone who came was absolutely dumbfounded as to how he does it! He says he’s not psychic, yet he read many at our show! He also literally bends spoons. And forks. I have one to prove it! He also does ghost walks in Providence, which I would LOVE to do, because Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love stuff like that 🙂 Here are some pictures of the event, which was paid for by LSTA grant money. It was for older teens, but we opened it to adults for the rescheduled show because we just didn’t have enough interest.

Mr. Raven was great with the audience – the perfect amount of humor, but not overkill. He is serious about his craft and I highly recommend him! People wouldn’t leave afterwards because everyone wanted to talk to him! It was awesome.

I apologize for the state of the pictures – I didn’t put the flash on because I didn’t to ruin his concentration! See below for information on Rory Raven!

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