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YA Nonfiction Review

Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of FaithCharles and Emma: The Darwins’ Leap of Faith by Deborah Heiligman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed listening to this book and I learned a lot about Charles Darwin that I never knew before – actually, I really never knew much about him except that the idea of Evolution came from him. I thought it was a nice turn from a typical biography, with the focus being mostly about Charles and Emma, not just Charles and his accomplishments. Though the book was also largely about that as well. I thought it seemed well-written and researched and I found that I enjoyed it more than I originally thought I would. Some of the little details about their everyday life were nice and made them seem like real people. Biographies & Nonfiction are not my favorite genre, but I like to break out of my fiction box every now and then and this was a pleasant side trip 🙂

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The Ghost of Mark Twain

picture borrowed from Scott Kenmore's Zombie Blog - very cool blog!

In September, I posted about Banned Books Week and mentioned that our library had just this year decided to un-ban Mark Twain’s Eve’s Diary, which had been banned by a bunch of stuffy librarians with buns and glasses on chains about 100 years ago because of some inappropriate drawings (see below.)


Twain even called us the “Library freaks,” which we think is the coolest thing ever!

But we wonder if Mark Twain is really done with us yet…….

Last Thursday, I was in the Children’s Room with our volunteer, Jess, and the president of the high school library Anime Club. No one else was in the room. While we were chatting, we suddenly heard a loud thud. It came from the nonfiction. When I went to investigate, I saw a book face-down on the floor directly in front of the A-D biography section. A book in the A section was sticking out slightly as if someone had pushed it from the other side of the shelf. I picked up the book and gasped (well, maybe not, but it sounds better if I say that.) The book was a biography on none other than Mark Twain himself.

Now, we alphabetize biographies by the person they are about. So my first thought was, “why would a book on Mark Twain have fallen out of the A-D section? Was Mark Twain angry that he had been misfiled? Did he jump all the way from the T – V section just to let us know he was here?? Does he not care that we un-banned his book this year because he was so annoyed when we banned it 100 years earlier???

Whatever the reason, we know that he wanted to get our attention…….

The Phantom Book

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