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Harry Potter Club

At our Harry Potter Club this month we made these really cool Lumos/Nox lightswitch plates that I found via Pinterest. A very talented person made the original picture on her computer and printed it out to put on a lightswitch plate. I took the picture of her finished product and printed it out (making it the correct size for my plate) and glued it on. 🙂

I purchased the plates at Walmart – they are pretty cheap. I bought a few regular ones, oversized and ones with the large opening in case any of the kids had those in their rooms. They all had the normal ones at home so we used all regular oversized. 🙂

I printed them out for the kids and had them cut them out. (I cut out the middle for the switch with the exacto knife.) Then they used elmers glue to glue the picture onto the plate. Once that was done, we used modge podge (which is the greatest thing ever) and a sponge brush to cover the entire plate, including all the edges to seal the paper on. When they dried, which was pretty quick, they are hard – shelac-like.

They had the option of painting their own picture on the plate, but they all wanted the pre-made one. Fine by me!! Less mess to clean up.

While we waited for them to dry, we did some Harry Potter Trivia (from the first & second books.)

Lumos/Nox lightswitch plate


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Harry Potter Club: The Monster Book of Monsters

I didn’t think we could do it, but they came out awesome! Granted, I was the one doing most of the gluing, but the kids were so totally excited to have an actual “Monster Book of Monsters” that they didn’t seem to care. When I made my sample, I was so proud of myself and showed my staff and several mom’s in the Children’s Room. All of whom stared at me blankly, as they had never seen the movie that portrays the book. And none of them had even read the books! Horrified, I went upstairs to the adult floor, where I found the praise I felt I deserved 😉

A bit of history…. (via the Harry Potter Wiki)

             “The Monster Book of Monsters, by Edwardus Lima, is a particularly vicious textbook that is used in Care of Magical Creatures while Rubeus Hagrid(who thought the book’s aggressive nature was funny) was the teacher. The book will attack anyone who attempts to open it. The only way to subdue the book is to stroke its spine, upon which the book opens placidly. After incidents in which the books attacked each other, the manager of Flourish and Blotts vowed never to stock them again; he found the situation to be worse than when an entire stock of The Invisible Book of Invisibility disappeared. When students brought this book to Hogwarts for Rubeus Hagrid‘s Care of Magical Creatures class, they had to force the books shut with belts and Spello-tape because they didn’t know how to calm the books.”

Anyways, it wasn’t as difficult to make as I had originally anticipated. The craft came from my trusty Unofficial Harry Potter Party Book. As you can see, the Monster Book of Monsters is featured on the cover.

The book calls for a few things that I did not end up using. It said to use a wooden craft “book” box but I didn’t have enough money to buy these, especially as I don’t have a signup so I don’t know how many kids will be there. I decided to go into the book sale room and “borrow” a few very old books* that were about the right size and thickness. This worked out really well.

Items I bought:

– Brown craft fur

– that Crayola foamy modeling clay that air dries – can’t think of the right name for it – in white, red & black

Other items we had:

– old books

– cotton balls or cotton batting

– glue gun & plenty of glue sticks (we went through a fair few for this one)

– scissors (for cutting the craft fur to fit the book cover & and for “trimming” the monster’s hair later)

I plugged in the glue guns before the club started. I have one larger “hot” one and 2 smaller low-heat ones. Some of the older kids in the group have permission to use the low-heat ones, but most just let me do it. The kids picked out an old book from the bin and I gave them some of the white foam clay. They made the 2 long fangs first and attached them to the top cover. Then they took a small handful of cotton batting and placed it on the cover between the 2 fangs. Using the glue gun, we put glue all over the top book cover (including over the fangs and the cotton and then laid the craft fur down over it. The cotton batting adds a little bump for a “snout.” (I measured the books to the sheet of craft fur beforehand, so I knew they would all fit with a minor amount of trimming.)

Then we flipped it over and put glue on the spine and back cover, laying the rest of the fur down. Then the kids got some more white foam clay** for more smaller teeth and red for the top and bottom gums. They fashioned these and then I glued them to the top and bottom of the “mouth.” The last step was using the black foam clay to make little round balls for eyes and glue them above the snout, sort of nestled into the fur.

*A note about the old books: I didn’t realize this until right before the meeting started, but when I was choosing old books from the book sale room, I was looking for size and not content. They were older, adult novels and it didn’t occur to me that even when the craft was finished, the kids would be able to open the book (so the monster can “chomp”) and therefore be able to read the text. I tried to quickly scan the books and pulled out a few that looked sketchy. I did try to warn the parents when they picked up the kids about my oversight so they would at least be aware. They didn’t seem to mind too much. I think they were just happy that they had just had 45 minutes to themselves and their kids were happy! (A possible solution to this would be to glue the pages shut or to use an old belt to put around the book, just like Harry did in the movie.)

**FYI: The book actually calls for Sculpy and baking the teeth and gums before gluing. However, I do not have access to an oven at the library, so I like to use this foamy clay because it air-dries. You can glue a portion down even if it isn’t dry yet and then move it if you need to. My sample teeth dried and were fine the next day.

All in all, they turned out pretty cool and the kids had a blast. Things got slightly out of control when balls of foamy clay mysteriously flew at me, and when I left to get my camera, the kids had disappeared (hiding under the tables.) But we have yet another Harry Potter artifact to add to our collections.

some partiularly good teeth

so proud!

this guy has a mohawk!

this one should really floss more.....

my sample

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Harry Potter Club

Here are some crafts we’ve done in Harry Potter Club in the past few months!

For one meeting we did a “Dragon Study.” I grabbed all the books we had with illustrations and “facts” about dragons and put them out. Then I read descriptions of the different dragon breeds from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The kids looked at the books and tried to find pictures that looked like the descriptions I read. They drew some of their favorites. We also talked about where these dragons appeared in the different HP books.

I believe this is a Welsh Green...or possibly a mixed breed 🙂

Quill Pens

These are super easy to make. All you need is a pen that you can take apart, a feather and some glue. Cut the end of the feather – this will leave the plastic part hollow. Remove the ink “part” (I don’t know what it’s called) and push it inside the hollow feather. You probably want to use a glue gun or super glue to make it stay. The book I borrowed the idea from did not mention putting the outer plastic pen-shell back on, but it seemed like it would make the pen easier to hold/use. Plus you could put the cap back on. You can also do this with a mechanical pencil.

Golden Snitch Ornaments: A variation on the Golden Snitch magnets we made a while ago, except we used foam balls and ornament wire-hanger things. Also gold glitter. This one took a little while to dry. Some kids just glued on some gold tissue paper that we had. Very easy to make – just stick white pipe cleaners into the foam ball and decorate. You can even decorate and then put in the pipe cleaners. It seemed to work OK both ways.


This is what Neville’s Gran sends him in the first book. It is a glass ball that turns red when its owner has forgotten something. Malfoy steals it during their first flying lesson, and Harry takes off after him to get it back, and does so well that he ends up as one of the youngest Seekers on a Hogwarts Quidditch team in years. Yes, this little Remembrall is very important!

I found the glitter balls in a Wal-Mart clearance bin for $1.50. We used Sculpy to make a ring around the ball – this one I actually glued down with a glue gun before it hardened so it would stay on once it dried. Then I glued some rhinestones on it for a bit of “flair.” The kids did some really cool things with them – making stands for them and different patterns, etc. Of course, I forgot my camera so I only have pictures of my samples. They were fun to create and they make interesting conversation pieces. (Sadly, this is not the weirdest thing on my desk in my office.)

I got most of these ideas from this book:

It has some really great ideas that are easy and don’t cost too much. The kids want to make the “Monster Book of Monsters” next month…..wish me luck!

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Harry Potter Crafts from HP Club

Here are a few crafts we did for the Harry Potter Club – I meant to put these up earlier! These ideas were borrowed from several different sites and altered to fit the age level or materials available. Most (if not all) were created in 5 minutes or less because I tend to forget the monthly meeting of the Harry Potter Club.

In fact, I just realized our next monthly meeting is tomorrow. *sigh*

Oh well. At least I realized it the day before.

Book of Spells

Book of Spells (1)

This was a sample I did – very simple – I made it about 5 minutes before we started!  Just a cheap notebook (not spiral) and construction paper. Cut to size and glue the paper onto the cover (I used a glue gun to save time but the kids used elmers or tacky glue.) Then just decorate! I also printed out a list of all the spells from the book that I found online for the kids to put in their book.

example of a cover made by a club member

Another cover

and another....


Quidditch Broom Pencil

    Quidditch Broom Pencil

Materials:  pencil, pipe cleaners (I used dark & light brown), brown raffia, scissors and double-sided tape.

~Cut a thin strip of tape and attach one end to the eraser end of the pencil. Take the raffia and stick to the strip of tape, then wind it around the pencil so the eraser is no longer visible. Take the dark brown pipe cleaner and wrap around the raffia just above where the eraser ends and secure. I added the light brown pipe cleaner as an afterthought as the foot-holds for the quidditch brooms (this was originally just a “broom” pencil). Use the scissors to trim the raffia (mine is a bit on the wild-side!)

Golden Snitch Magnet

Golden Snitch Magnet (front)

Golden Snitch Magnet (back)

Materials: Craft foam or cardboard, thin white pipe cleaners, gold tissue paper, gold glitter glue, scissors, glue gun, tacky or elmers glue, magnet.

I think I used craft foam for the circle (cut with the die cut machine) but you could use cardboard too. And the size doesn’t really matter – this is about 2 inches in diameter, give or take. Take the circle and trace it on the gold tissue paper. Fold and cut so you have two that are the same size. (If you are cutting before-hand, my trick for cutting out multiple pieces at once is to staple the paper in several places so it doesn’t move while you are cutting..) Glue one gold tissue circle to one side of your foam circle. Turn over. Cut to size and bend the white pipe cleaners for the wings. I used the glue gun to glue the points of the wings to the center of the back of the foam circle. Then I glued on the second gold tissue circle. Then I used the glue gun again for the magnet (because it’s heavy and would take too long to dry with other glue.) Then I turned it over and used gold glitter glue to make a swirly pattern on the smooth front side. Voila! This was also a borrowed and altered craft 🙂

Harry’s Pouch (from the last book)

Harry's secret pouch (from Hagrid)

Hagrid gives Harry a pouch that only he (Harry) can retrieve items out of. I think this is right. Or I just made it up. Will have to look it up. Anyways, this was kind of a last-minute craft (as per usual I totally forgot I had HP club that day!) So this isn’t the best-looking craft ever. This is made out of some pretty heavy felt and some gold ribbon-ish stuff (not sure what you call it, but you craftier people know what I mean.) I basically cut a big circle, used a hole-punch to cut holes every inch or so (which wasn’t that easy, since the felt was so thick) and then weaved the gold ribbon through the holes and pulled it tight to make a pouch. I wrapped the gold ribbon around the outside for the picture so it would look prettier 🙂 With more time and planning and better materials, this could be much better. With older kids (mine are about 7-12), you could do this as a simple sewing craft.

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Harry Potter Week (Day 1)


Today was the first week of my so-called Harry Potter Extravaganza. The new (and last – *sniff*) movie comes out this Friday so I am having a whole week of Harry related programs. This morning I showed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone upstairs in Dexter Hall (a big room with a large movie screen & projector.) This was in combination with my other new summer program idea – Monday Movie Madness. See what I did there?

At any rate, no one came. Then I showed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this afternoon and two moms with two (young) kids came. They didn’t stay long. I am chalking this up to people on vacation & my kind of last-minute advertising.

The last program on the agenda was the Harry Potter Club, which meets monthly every 1st Monday of the month. Since last Monday was a holiday, we met today….in case you were wondering. This club was started by two high school girls (who also run the anime club) and they were a bit disappointed that it ended up with mostly elementary school kids so they began “forgetting” to come. At that point, it was EVERY Monday, which I quickly changed to once a month.

So, today we made wands. And I have to tell you that I am so totally excited about these! I got the idea from the very cool Harry Potter fan site, The Leaky Cauldron. This is a GREAT site for HP crafts. Though they are usually more on the grown-up side. The idea for the wands is credited to Chris Barnardo.

They are made from paper, glue, tape & paint – and they look like real wooden wands! No whittling necessary. I spent this past weekend making unfinished wands. I did most of the work and left the painting to the kids. These kids are mostly younger, so I didn’t want it to be frustrating, but I wanted them to have a cool finished product. I also made some wands at other less-finished stages, which some chose. A few did choose to make them entirely themselves. This took them about an hour and a half, though it would probably have been shorter if they didn’t have to wait to use the glue guns & hair dryers (2 extremely important crafting tools no Story Time Room should be without!) I had a few adult helpers, which was a lifesaver, since there were about 14 kids there between the ages of 7-13. Despite the waiting intervals, such as drying time or waiting to use the glue gun, they were really great. I had Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets playing on the “reading” side of the room so there was something to do while they were waiting. All of the wands turned out great and they were all very different. It actually went well! And it was a good way to end a long, hectic day.

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