Easter Story Time

Yup, it’s definitely past Easter. Trying to catch up on my Story Time posts!

Holiday picture books are tough to find – especially for 3-year-olds. They have the tendency to be on the longer side. The kids did pretty well with the two I chose: The Story of the Easter Bunny by Katherine Tegen and Bunny Trouble by Hans Wilhelm.

We played an Easter Egg matching game I made for the felt board. Basically, I hand each kid an egg and when I put the matching one on the board, the kid who has the matching one brings it up and puts it on the board. Very easy, but they love it.

For the craft, I took a couple different ideas and put them together. I had tons of leftover plastic eggs from when we used to have a big Easter egg hunt. I bought large yellow pom poms (unfortunately I had to buy several assorted bags for this, but we’ll use them later.) Each kid had a pom pom, two google eyes, and a little foam triangle for a beak. They glued these on and while they dried, they decorated the eggs and a foam bowl with Easter stickers. They shredded green tissue paper and glued it into the bowl. Then they attached pipe cleaner handles to the foam bowls and ended up with an Easter basket. The pom pom chicks went into the plastic eggs and were placed in the basket. The end result: an Easter basket with an egg which, when opened, produces a cute baby chick! I wish I had pictures but I guess I forgot my camera that day, but the picture below is what the chicks looked like.

  The chick craft idea came from freepreschoolcrafts.com



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