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Picturebook Friday

Where’s Walrus? by Stephen Savage

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really fun book! Stephen Savage uses bright, bold colors that really pop and simple lines to create some incredible illustrations for this wordless picture book. His use of negative white space and perspective gives the pictures depth without shading. It has a real retro feel to it that I love. The first thing i thought of when I saw the cover was Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. So of course I had to read it immediately. Actually, I’ve had it checked out for months now (oops.)

Walrus seems like a pretty happy guy (or girl, I suppose) who just needs a bit of excitement. He leaves the zoo and is pursued by a zookeeper with a mustache, who kind of reminds me of Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther. Walrus is a master of disguise, blending in to the background or the crowd and hiding from the Zookeeper in plain sight – obviously enjoying every minute of the chase. He can’t stay hidden for long though, and he does end up back at the zoo. But the zookeeper comes up with an idea that seems to make Walrus happy and bring a crowd to the sleepy zoo. All’s well that ends well!

Also a fun book for little ones to point out where Walrus is in each picture. I’ve had it checked out for months now and it’s been on the shelf in my office for “Possible Story Time” books. Just need a fun theme and craft to go with it. 🙂

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Letters to a Young Librarian: Ten Things I Didn’t Learn in Library School, by Eric S. Riley

This letter is great, because it is so true. I have not been to Library School myself (and somehow manage to perform my job) but I imagine that they don’t tell you about kids tracking poop through the Children’s Room, women having miscarriages in the bathroom, skateboarders walking in to the library in shock and covered in blood, teens putting a strange – and still unidentified – jelly substance on the light switches, teens making out in the bathrooms, dealing with homeless people or the various bodily fluids you will personally be cleaning up yourself.

These (and many more) have all happened to me in the mere 7 years I have worked in libraries. I imagine there will be more to come. It’s definitely one of those jobs where people have absolutely no idea what you actually do every day. I can tell you one thing….it does NOT involve reading!


Letters to a Young Librarian: Ten Things I Didn’t Learn in Library School, by Er…: When I first started working for the Public Library in 2007 there were numerous things that came up over the course of my day-to-day work th…

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The Hello Song Turns Inappropriate….

I have been using a song to start off my 3-5 year old story time called “My Hands Say Hello,” which I found on Abby the Librarian’s awesome blog.

The song goes like this, waving your hands in the air:

(to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell)
My hands say hello
My hands say hello
Every time I see my friends
My hands say hello

Then you repeat with different body parts. It’s a great way to get the kids (and the parents) participating right away. I always ask the kids to name a part of the body we can use to say hello. Usually it’s feet, elbows, knees. If they don’t say anything, I’ll suggest one to get them started. Sometimes they’ll say belly, hair, eyes, lips, etc. which gets a little bit silly and fun. I do feel like I’m asking for trouble sometimes, since you never know which body parts they’ll mention. The other day was a first though, when I asked for body parts to say hello with, a little boy, who I don’t even think is 3 yet, yelled out – “your booty!” The parents burst out laughing and the boy’s mother rolled her eyes and grinned. It was pretty funny. I considered going with it, but decided not to, as I wasn’t feeling overly confident in “booty” region. 🙂


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Sunday Quiz

Can you name the Authors of these Children’s Books?

Sporcle Quiz created by Ben
I’m hoping I haven’t posted this one yet. It didn’t seem familiar, but they all sort of blend together. Ah, well.
It was pretty easy – though I did get stuck on one (and possibly looked it up….) but I still finished in about 2.5 minutes! Hint: you only have to type the last name. 🙂

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Dr. Seuss Birthday Party!

Last Saturday we held a birthday party for Dr. Seuss, who would have been 108 this year. When I went shopping the Friday before, there were about 20 people signed up for the party. Luckily I always get more than I think I’ll need, because Saturday morning a TON more people signed up! In fact, we actually had 71 people, but only about 50 came, to my relief.

The party ended up being exactly an hour, which is what I had planned for, amazingly enough. Some kids came in costume, which was really cute. I wore my striped hat 🙂

I had a bunch of books to read and I wanted to gauge the crowd before choosing. I ended up reading The Cat in the Hat, which many of the kids knew already and so they enjoyed listening to it. Even the younger kids stayed pretty still through the whole book. I didn’t attempt another one and we went right into our craft, Thing 1 & Thing 2 paper bag puppets. Finding a good craft proved more difficult than I thought, even with lots of searching and scouring Pinterest. I finally found something relatively easy from a great blog called The obSEUSSed Home Librarian. The kids and parents liked making them. Most only made one, but some ambitious parents made both.

When they finished their craft, we sang happy birthday to Dr. Seuss and cut the cake. I had several other snacks that related to the books, also found on Pinterest! (See below for links I found to party & food ideas.) I had just enough for everyone. I also had some raffle prizes to give away, mostly books. Parents out their kids name into a bucket as they came into the party. Everyone who came to the party took home a Dr. Seuss themed bookmark, pencil and some stickers. They signed a big birthday card we made, which is currently hanging up in the Children’s Room. All in all, a pretty good event!

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Sunday Quiz

In honor of Dr. Seuss, who would have been 108 years old on Friday, try this fun Sporcle Quiz and finish the book titles!

(And stay tuned for my post on my Dr. Seuss Birthday Party from this past Saturday!)

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Tween Patrons Get Library Space and Programs of Their Own

Tween Patrons Get Library Space and Programs of Their Own.

Good article from School Library Journal on the importance of tween spaces and programs in libraries. We say teens get overlooked, but sometimes I feel like the tweens get lost even more, and they are the ones who are actually more inclined to come to library programs, as many of them are not yet “too cool.” If we can catch them young, there will be more teens in the library who will be used to attending programs.

This just gave me an idea for rearranging the children’s room….hmmmm…..

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