made e’m myself! (Valentine’s cards)

Again, with the Valentine’s…. I was just so happy with how my homemade cards came out that I had to share!

I made this one for my husband - sort of a running joke that Someecards got just right! I left the logo on the card to give them the credit - they deserve it!

This one was for my friend Ali. I loved this brown patterned scrapbook paper and couldn't decide whether to use it for the background or the cupcake paper - so I did both. The cherry is a red button 🙂










I used an Ellison Die (mini bee.) So cute! And the background is scrapbook paper.











I made this for my friend Andrea cuz she rocks. 😉


This was the inside of the"You Rock" card.


I found the idea for this last valentine from The Fickle Pickle blog. The guitar and “You Rock” was part of a free printable, which I cut apart. I loved the idea they had with the two staples making an X. Gives it that edge. The inside was my idea though 🙂



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