Harry Potter Crafts from HP Club

Here are a few crafts we did for the Harry Potter Club – I meant to put these up earlier! These ideas were borrowed from several different sites and altered to fit the age level or materials available. Most (if not all) were created in 5 minutes or less because I tend to forget the monthly meeting of the Harry Potter Club.

In fact, I just realized our next monthly meeting is tomorrow. *sigh*

Oh well. At least I realized it the day before.

Book of Spells

Book of Spells (1)

This was a sample I did – very simple – I made it about 5 minutes before we started!  Just a cheap notebook (not spiral) and construction paper. Cut to size and glue the paper onto the cover (I used a glue gun to save time but the kids used elmers or tacky glue.) Then just decorate! I also printed out a list of all the spells from the book that I found online for the kids to put in their book.

example of a cover made by a club member

Another cover

and another....


Quidditch Broom Pencil

    Quidditch Broom Pencil

Materials:  pencil, pipe cleaners (I used dark & light brown), brown raffia, scissors and double-sided tape.

~Cut a thin strip of tape and attach one end to the eraser end of the pencil. Take the raffia and stick to the strip of tape, then wind it around the pencil so the eraser is no longer visible. Take the dark brown pipe cleaner and wrap around the raffia just above where the eraser ends and secure. I added the light brown pipe cleaner as an afterthought as the foot-holds for the quidditch brooms (this was originally just a “broom” pencil). Use the scissors to trim the raffia (mine is a bit on the wild-side!)

Golden Snitch Magnet

Golden Snitch Magnet (front)

Golden Snitch Magnet (back)

Materials: Craft foam or cardboard, thin white pipe cleaners, gold tissue paper, gold glitter glue, scissors, glue gun, tacky or elmers glue, magnet.

I think I used craft foam for the circle (cut with the die cut machine) but you could use cardboard too. And the size doesn’t really matter – this is about 2 inches in diameter, give or take. Take the circle and trace it on the gold tissue paper. Fold and cut so you have two that are the same size. (If you are cutting before-hand, my trick for cutting out multiple pieces at once is to staple the paper in several places so it doesn’t move while you are cutting..) Glue one gold tissue circle to one side of your foam circle. Turn over. Cut to size and bend the white pipe cleaners for the wings. I used the glue gun to glue the points of the wings to the center of the back of the foam circle. Then I glued on the second gold tissue circle. Then I used the glue gun again for the magnet (because it’s heavy and would take too long to dry with other glue.) Then I turned it over and used gold glitter glue to make a swirly pattern on the smooth front side. Voila! This was also a borrowed and altered craft 🙂

Harry’s Pouch (from the last book)

Harry's secret pouch (from Hagrid)

Hagrid gives Harry a pouch that only he (Harry) can retrieve items out of. I think this is right. Or I just made it up. Will have to look it up. Anyways, this was kind of a last-minute craft (as per usual I totally forgot I had HP club that day!) So this isn’t the best-looking craft ever. This is made out of some pretty heavy felt and some gold ribbon-ish stuff (not sure what you call it, but you craftier people know what I mean.) I basically cut a big circle, used a hole-punch to cut holes every inch or so (which wasn’t that easy, since the felt was so thick) and then weaved the gold ribbon through the holes and pulled it tight to make a pouch. I wrapped the gold ribbon around the outside for the picture so it would look prettier 🙂 With more time and planning and better materials, this could be much better. With older kids (mine are about 7-12), you could do this as a simple sewing craft.


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