On Friday, June 3rd, the Library hosted its first MORP (backwards PROM). And it was pretty fun! We had lots of snacks, a live band, and a DJ. Kids came dressed up for a dance, while others came in ripped jeans and t-shirts. One kid came dressed as a banana. Seriously.

Of course, there were a few hitches here and there, such as the band going on almost two hours later than they meant to because they were waiting for a band member to arrive from Worcester. On his moped.

But the kids seemed to have a good time for the most part. The band was great, though our PA system left much to be desired. There were lots of fans of the teen band, The Hotel Year, which was pretty cool. The musicians are extremely talented and professional – I even bought a t-shirt and I’m wearing it as I type this!

A lot of people asked me (mostly grownups, as kids just seemed to get it) what the heck a MORP is. Our event wasn’t so much about being a backwards prom, or an anti-prom. It was more about having an event where everyone could feel comfortable, no matter what they were wearing or who they were with. It was just something fun to do on a Friday night!

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