>Hello, Cupcake!

>One thing I have learned is that food – ahem, free food, brings the masses. Especially the teens and tweens. What is a tween? I loosely define a tween as a young person, roughly between the ages of 9-13. Sometimes even 8-13. We currently have an LSTA federal grant entitled Serving Teens & Tweens. We started with $20,000 in October of 2009 and it’s been going pretty well so far. I just finished the second Interrim Report (thank the Goddess) and while it’s been nice to actually have money for programs, it’s a TON of work to keep up with. But, I believe I started to talk about food. (Which, btw, you cannot use LSTA funds to purchase!)

Yesterday, we had a tween program involving decorating cupcakes for Easter and it was so cool. My Teen Program Coordinator planned the event and the tweens (OK, getting a bit sick of that word) had a blast. If you have some petty cash or can borrow from the Friends of the Library, it’s a great program. I’m planning on making these for my (new) in-laws on Easter Sunday…..yes, I want my mother-in-law’s approval.

Some of the kids followed the examples exactly, while others came up with their own creations (which always happens.)

A cute variation on the coconut bunny.
This should be at the Mad Hatter’s tea party!

Followed directions exactly!
 We found the bunny & egg ideas online, and the flower cupcake came from one of the cupcake books I recently received as a bridal shower gift. (it’s a board book too! How adorable!) The other book is incredible, but I don’t know that I would attempt any of the ideas with 9 year olds! The best one in this book is the Chinese take-out cupcakes. It’s by the creators of Hello, Cupcake – hence the title of this post. Happy cupcaking!

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